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Trasgo S.r.l.
Via Varallo, 28 – Fraz. Nibbia
28060 San Pietro Mosezzo (NO) Italia
TEL +39 0321 48 66 11
FAX +39 0321 48 66 00
Trasgo has developed three main logistics centres supplied with state- of-the art equipment for the stocking and shipping of goods along with an extensive network of warehouses distributed on all domestic territory.

In our logistics centers, we offer third-party warehousing for different type of goods. This stocking activity can be integrated with a vast range of accessory services, such as labelling, packaging and re-packaging, shrink-wrapping, picking, and kitting; all these services are carried out according to the specific details and procedures provided by the customer or recommended by our certified personnel.

• Novara center
The Logistics Center of Novara is located in San Pietro Mosezzo, at the company's headquarters, just a few hundred meters away from the Turin-Milan highway (West Novara exit).

This facility contains three ceiled structures covering a surface area of 12,000 m2. These warehouses are partly equipped with pallet racks and managed through RF logistics systems, and partly dedicated to the storage of large-sìze industrial products.

There is also an open storage area that covers a 24,000 m2 area. The loading dock equipment includes lift trucks, transpallets, vertical order pickers, and a travelling bridge crane with a 5 ton capacity and a 14 meter range. The Novara Logistics Centre also houses a private Type-C Customs Bonded Warehouse for the storage of non-EU goods without having to pay customs duties and VAT.

• Biandrate Center (NO)
The Logistic Center of Biandrate is as just as close to the Turin-Milan highway, and covers a completely shelved area of 18,000 m2 managed through an advanced RF logistics system. This allows careful monitoring of a large number of products organized in batches, instead of removing stock based on date basis or FIFO.

• Balocco Center (VC)
Near the Balocco exit of the Turin-Milan highway there is another Trasgo warehouse that takes up an area of over 7,500 m2 equipped with loading docks, pallet racks, and RF system. Just outdoor, there is an open area covering approximately 12,000 m2.